A Fresh New Morning and Time of Peace

I awoke this morning to the sound of hummingbirds chirping outside my bedroom window. Their chirps sounding a bit insistent since they needed me to fill the feeder. It was my first task upon awaking today. I stepped outside to a cool, moist morning. The air and ground was fresh and moist from the overnight rain, especially welcome in Arizona in the summertime. We are thankful to have a good monsoon season this year. The fresh moist morning took me back to when I was a child, camping with my family in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. I can recall the magic of waking up in our pop-up camper and walking down the gravel road with leaves on the ground to the campground’s restroom facilities. The memory of that experience has lasted many years, and is re-awakened on a morning like today.

For some reason, from time-to-time, life offers a period of feeling quite satisfied and at peace. I’ve been experiencing that for a week or so now, ever since I got back from a recent trip back east to visit with my family. Loneliness doesn’t feel so alone anymore. I feel uplifted and contented now. I still suffer from the same maladies that I did before. I still have the crown on my tooth that has given me pain for months. I still have a broken heart from people who have disappointed me. But somehow, those feeling and thoughts have faded more into the background. They have a weakened influence as compared to something inside of me, the basic life force perhaps, has become stronger. I feel sustained and supported by an inner strength that renders the worldly concerns less important. I feel so grateful and blessed.

I spent my morning doing what I love to do. I sat out on my front porch having tea and a small breakfast. Being outside in nature the morning nourishes and enlivens me, setting me up to be well in spiritual alignment for the day. I took time to read from the Visistha’s Yoga, one of my most favorite spiritual texts. It is wise to take the time to heighten one’s consciousness with inspirational reading. I read towards the end of the near 800-page text, as the sage had the experience of a vision of the disintegration of the world, as everything was devoured by a great flood. It was all a vision, which he explained happened meditating in Samadhi for about an hour. The take away was that the sage who is awake to the state of true consciousness, is unaffected by such happenings. I reflected on how that seemed true, as the growing energy and connectedness of my own heart seems to diminish the torment of worldly samsara. After a while, I went inside and settled down on my Zen zafu and zabutan for mediation practice. As I do most every day, I sat for 30 minutes in half lotus. Today my heart felt particularly pure and blissful.

I don’t know how long this state of happiness and contentedness will last, but I hope it is for a long time. Inevitably though, things change, life presents challenges. But I will not think about that today, but resolve to enjoy to bounty of this day to its fullest. I believe that is truly the wisest thing to do, because the more we can appreciate and experience the goodness of life, the better life will be in the future. This is a part of learning to connect and create.